5 Content Ideas for Clubhouse

written by Johannes Ippen. founder of Human Deluxe, @johannesippen

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We talk about it, we talk on it, and if you don’t have and invite by now, you better go looking who your real friends are: I am speaking about Clubhouse, of course. The Drop-in audio chat is the latest star on the social media sky of 2021. Having risen during the global pandemic, the invite-only network hosts panels, conferences and surprisingly many celebrities.

However, the streams on the network regularly are facing critique: Too boring, same-same, too self-centered. So what can you do to stand out on Clubhouse? Here are 5 content ideas for your next session:

Host a Panel

Okay, that’s the most obvious one: Hosting panels is what Clubhouse is made for. Have a group of experts discuss a topic and bring voices from the audience onto the stage.

Do a regular Stammtisch

The key to clubhouse success is in providing regular content – or better, allowing regular gatherings. In German, the beautiful word “Stammtisch” describes a regular gathering of the same group of people, making it a weekly staple.

Do a Pubquiz

Admitted, the two first options can be found everywhere on Clubhouse. To truly stand out, you will need to find a way of leveraging the interactive features, while making dropping in worth-while. Why not host a pub quiz? The popular format has already made its transition from the now-closed bars to livestreaming formats. On clubhouse, there is still some room for new players …

Tell an interactive story

Don’t you love interactive shows like Kimmy Schmidt vs. the Reverend? Using Clubhouse, storytellers, podcasters and filmmakers can create their very own version of that. Get some audience feedback and let the story shape as your audience is listening.

Do Improv theater

An animal? Fish! A place? A bar! What was that? … Clubhouse is the perfect medium to host a fun round of spoken Improv, giving your audience the chance to become a part of that quirky story.

Do a live Design Sprint

As a creative studio, we do design sprints and brand sprint workshops all the time. How about if you run an interactive workshop, showcasing your capabilities and giving listeners a bit of value why they tune in? This can be any kind of workshop, related to your business of course.

Have a transparent meeting

While we share a lot of behind the scenes stuff on Instagram and other social media, Clubhouse would be the perfect medium to let audiences participate in your decision-making process: Moving a meeting from zoom to Clubhouse can be fun, insightful and help you to get a bit closer to your audience as well.

The are just a few cool ideas of what you can do to stand out on Clubhouse. What other amazing formats have you come along on the platform? Connect with us on Social Media and let us know!

written by Johannes Ippen. founder of Human Deluxe, @johannesippen