When to Run a Remote Brand Sprint

written by Katja Kolmetz. founder of Human Deluxe, @katja.kolmetz

“WOW these Human Deluxe templates are SO GOOD!! Beautiful, clever, and easy to use.” - Jake Knapp, Inventor of the Design Sprint and New York Times bestselling author

At Human Deluxe, we apply select creative processes that have proven real value at world-class organizations. Those that managed to transform the way people collaborate and make things happen - big things. One of these powerful methods are working in Sprints. Design Sprints and when it comes to Branding, Brand Sprints.

What is a Brand Sprint?

A Brand Sprint is a workshop format conceived at Google Ventures and well documented by Jake Knapp. In 3 hours or less, you get a very good picture of a brand, its vision, future and challenges. Brand exercises make big decisions easier, but it’s important to structure this process correctly. Get the creative juices flowing, but with clear objectives and rules in mind, as Jake outlines in his GV medium blog.

The point of the branding exercises is to turn the abstract idea of a brand into something very concrete and tanglible. After all, branding decisions shouldn’t be about creative expression or the taste of an individual, but about developing a common language that resonates with the target audience of your business. And the foundation to build meaningful relationships between humans and brands. Based on the outcomes of a Brand Sprint, we are able to describe what a business is about and - to say it with Jake’s words - all subsequent squishy decisions about visuals, voice, and identity become way easier.

At Human Deluxe, we are using this workshop format - both onsite and remotely - to help businesses bring new brands to life or refresh an existing brand. Currently, many businesses seek our help when it comes to repositioning their brand as consumer behaviors are rapidly changing. We help them leverage the power of a Brand Sprint to make their business future-proof with an updated branding.

Beautiful, clever, and easy to use

To be able to run Design Sprints both on site and remotely, we have built a simple tool, the Remote Brand Sprint Template. You can look at it as your digital whiteboard, your structured design process, and your personal guide who helps you run a remote Brand Sprint successfully. It’s publicly available and free to use. Also take a look at this video instruction to get started.

We couldn’t be happier that Jake Knapp - as the inventor of the process - has endorsed our template, and we hope that many other designers and non-designers out there will find it helpful in building and innovating their brands.

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written by Katja Kolmetz. founder of Human Deluxe, @katja.kolmetz