5 Stunning Tiny House Inspirations

written by Johannes Ippen. founder of Human Deluxe, @johannesippen

If you’re like us, you are fascinated by the concept of tiny houses. While many of them are just pretty caravans, we here have assembled a great list of houses that are more than that:

379 Queens Road, Hong Kong

This lovely 1960s apartment in the middle of Hong Kong is not only very bright, but insanely clever equiped – and I guess you need this, when you have only 269sqft of space available.

Echo Park, Los Angeles

Paul and Yuki Gasiorkiewicz bought a small 1930s house with a small backyard and amazing views from the garage. Instead of renovating the main home, they replaced the garage with the most perfect tiny house concept you could possibly imagine.

Kamloops, BC, Canada

Cathi & Trevor turned 2 shipping containers into an amazing concept, that feels much more spacious than it actually is – mostly because it is so well integrated into the environment. Oh, and you can rent it on Airbnb: https://www.airbnb.ca/rooms/27575052

Hranice, Czech Republic

Czech architect Marek documents the building process of this well-designed small container home with a tranquil view and well-designed spaces.

Nagakin Tower, Tokyo, Japan

The Nakagin Capsule Tower in the heart of Tokyo is probably the iconic OG tiny house concept, featuring 140 retro tiny apartments built in the 1970’s. Unfortunately, it might be demolished soon and be gone forever – check out the video to learn more.

written by Johannes Ippen. founder of Human Deluxe, @johannesippen