How to Name your Startup

written by Johannes Ippen. founder of Human Deluxe, @johannesippen

One of the things we do at Human Deluxe is Naming: We help brands, startups and initiatives to find and create names for their brands and their products. In this video, we are showcasing the process with one of our clients, a top secret app product created by Philipp Moeser and team.

Creative Brief

We start with a creative brief that sums up all the needs for the name.

Ideation Workshop

The goal of the ideation workshop is to create many many ideas and names, usually a long list of around 150-200 names. We use various exercises from marketing, Design Thinking and even the theater to open our minds and create a good variety of names.

The important part: This part happens with all the stakeholders involved. We want to get everybody’s input in that phase!


We come out of the workshop with a long list of names, which we rate & weigh to assemble a short list, usually around 50 names.

Shortlist & Recommendation

We do a brief copyright check for every name on the shortlist: Can we use it? Is it taken? Once we’ve excluded all the non-working names, we go back to the client with usually 5-6 recommendations.

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